Most of the research on evaporative cooling only focuses on thermodynamic processes and optimizing the performance of several basic configurations, such as direct evaporative cooling (DEC) and tubular or plate-type indirect evaporative cooling (IEC). Research on some of the latest evaporative cooling technologies such as heat pipe IEC, dew point IEC and semi-indirect evaporative cooling, is still little done.

This is the background of the research conducted by R. Evi Sofia, a doctoral student at, the Department of Mechanical Engineering, FTUI. The results of Evi’s research were presented at the Doctoral Promotion Session with the title “Development of Evaporative Cooling Based on Finned Heat Pipes with Natural Fibers as a Cooling Pad.” This research aims to develop an air conditioning system that uses indirect evaporative cooling combined with finned heat pipes as heat transfer and cooling pads made from natural fibers.

“The initial stage is carried out by conducting a literature study regarding indirect evaporative cooling and heat pipes, evaluating research that has been done, conducting tests on the characteristics of the finned heat pipes to be used, conducting research on cooling media materials made from natural fibers to be used, designing buildings combination of Indirect evaporative cooling and finned heat pipe with natural fiber cooling media. Apart from that, this research will also look for some relationships or correlations between the parameters in indirect evaporative cooling to increase its effectiveness,” said Evi.

The results of this test indicate that the effectiveness of Indirect evaporative cooling increases when natural fibers made from pineapple are used compared to other fibers (hemp and luffa), the maximum value is 90% for wet bulb effectiveness and 71% for dew point effectiveness, as well as the energy efficiency ratio (EER) value. ) which reached 62%. In addition, the performance of finned heat pipes as heat transfer works well in this system, as evidenced by the maximum cooling capacity of 1180 W.

Evi Sofia won her Doctorate with Cum Laude predicate at the Doctoral Promotion Session held by the Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia, on Thursday (22/12). Evi is the 97th Doctor who graduated from the Mechanical Engineering Department and the 482nd Doctorate at FTUI. The doctoral promotion session was chaired by the Chairman of the Session, Prof. Dr. Ir. Raldiartono Koestoer, DEA with Promoter, Prof. Dr. -Eng. Nandy Setiadi Djaya Putra and Co Promoter, Prof. Dr. Ir. Engkos Achmad Kosasih, M.T. The Examiner Team consists of Prof. Dr. -Ing. Ir. Nasruddin, M.Eng., Prof. Dr. Ir. Prabowo, M.Eng., Ardiansyah, S.T., M.Eng., Ph.D., and Dr. Ir. Budihardjo, Dipl.-Ing.


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