Last Friday (27/5), Kagatrik FTUI held a webinar this time with the theme “IoT Predictive Maintenance Power Plant”. In this webinar, the speakers featured were Mr. I Wayan Arimbawa, Y.S., S.T., Head of Power Generation Engineer from PT Indonesia Power.

“Internet of Things (IoT) is a concept where an object can transmit data over a network without the help of computers and humans. In the industrial field, IoT smart sensors have a greater reach for monitoring industrial operational tools. By using IoT, data can be collected faster and companies can save energy and costs,” said I Wayan at the beginning of his presentation.

This technology can be used for various industrial activities, one of which is to monitor the maintenance time of a power plant. Supervision of this machine is needed to prevent damage that can occur suddenly and cause high maintenance costs—prediction of maintenance time of a machine using technology. The machine will be installed with several tools, namely a monitor to monitor sound levels, dissolved gas, thermograph, partial discharge, tribology, and online monitoring.

Data regarding the condition of the power plant engine will be collected from the results of the monitor. Then, the system will change and analyze the data that has been collected. The analysis will be carried out to see what will happen to the machine, the cause, when the damage will occur, decisions in the form of maintenance time, and what steps must be taken to maintain the machine.

“POSPST at Mrica hydropower and Saguling hydropower plants has used IoT to predict the maintenance time of power plant engines. This system can be implemented in the REOC War Room, Energy Efficiency Dashboard, Dispatch Dashboard, Forecast Dashboard, Prescriptive Dashboard, Intelligent Soot Blower Dashboard, and Intelligent Combustion. With IoT, the industry can identify an issue and prevent it from becoming a big problem,” said I Wayan.


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