Global Innovation Initiative Project

Novel Approaches of Employing Green Infrastructure to Enhance Urban Sustainability

(Faculty of Engineering Universitas Indonesia – University of Florida – Cardiff University)


Starting October 19 – 22, 2015, the Faculty of Engineering in cooperation with University of Florida and Cardiff University held the Joint International Stakeholder Workshop of Global Innovation Initiative Project: “Novel Approaches of Employing GI to Enhance Urban Sustainability”. Present for these workshops are teams from the University of Florida: Prof. Christopher Silver (The Dean of College of Design, Construction and Planning), Prof. Robert Ries, Prof. Jocelyn Widmer , Prof. Bradlew Walters, and Dr. Jorg Rhakittae; from Cardiff University: Prof. Chris Tweed, Prof. Andrea Frank, Prof. Andrew Flynn, Prof. Gabriella. Also present are representatives from Pemda Depok and Muara Angke, NGO, Community members of Depok and Muara Angke.

The workshop elaborates the theme of Novel Aprproaches in Employing Green Infrastructure to enhance Urban Sustainability. Urban areas are home to 50% of the world’s population and important economic engines. Environmental impacts of urban life and development ranging from pollution to habitat destruction are significant and critically due to grow with urbanization predicted to reach 70% by 2050. It is thus imperative to radically rethink the functioning and design of urban environments. Therefore we try to seek a new kind of approach that is multidisciplinary approach and sensitive to local culture, knowledge and expertise, and to promote context sensitive solutions.

This intention is hoped to be achieved through a series of workshops hosted by the three partner universities that will bring together expert and local knowledge to critically explore how Green Infrastructure practices can be successfully transferred from one location to another. During the initial meeting in the University of Florida, it was agreed that the focus would be on water. Many visiting experts to Jakarta have advocated various green technologies to solve environmental management deficiencies but have not addressed implementation. Any suggested interventions have not been framed in the sort of adaptive management approach that we propose. This project will test how far efficiencies and resource conservation can be realized through informed integration of Green Infrastructure in urban areas.

The workshop will include a visit to four different sites representing different kind of water condition and treatment in: UI Depok Campus, Setu Babakan, Ancol and Muara Angke. Focus Group Discussions will be followed by seminars by various experts and stakeholders and closed by presentations of each group’s findings.


(FTUI Public Relations & Protocol Office: Tikka Anggraeni)