To maintain the quality of education for students, the Mechanical Engineering S3 Study Program undergoes a field assessment for LAM Engineering accreditation. At the opening of the assessment (20/06), the Dean of FTUI, Prof. Dr. Heri Hermansyah, ST., M.Eng., IPU expressed his hope that the assessment process will run smoothly. “Hopefully the Mechanical Engineering Doctoral Program will get satisfactory results and continue to produce excellent Doctoral graduates and have an impact on society. Mechanical Engineering is one of the departments in FTUI that has the largest number of professors.”

The LAM Engineering assessor who carried out the field assessment for the Mechanical Engineering Doctoral Program, FTUI, was Dr. Ir. Suhanan, DEA. from Gadjah Mada University (UGM) and Dr. eng. Widya Wijayanti, ST., MT. from Brawijaya University. Dr. Suhanan said that the accreditation of the Mechanical Engineering Doctoral Program was the 2nd batch for LAM Engineering accreditation. “We have tried to study the data for the accreditation LKPS, which we need to discuss further, related to filling out and correcting data entry. Data mining will be carried out more deeply. I’m sure it’s actually in FTUI, but it’s not recorded or recognized. LAM Teknik is somewhat different from BAN-PT, where the results of the Field Assessment (AL) will be submitted on the 4th day of accreditation. These results can later be studied by the Study Program to find out where the weaknesses are”.

Present online, the Head of the UI Academic Quality Assurance Agency, Prof. Sri Hartati D. Reksodiputro, Ph.D., said, “FTUI is the front runner of faculties in UI. Especially for international accreditation. Only 12 PS at UI already have international accreditation, almost all of them from FTUI. Related to LAM Engineering. This is the third field accreditation from LAM Teknik at UI. Hopefully the assessment process will run smoothly and can get the Superior accreditation.”

In addition to the Dean of the FTUI, also present at the opening of the assessment, the Deputy Deans, Heads of Units and Managers, the Chair and Secretary of the Department of Mechanical Engineering and the accreditation team from the Department of Mechanical Engineering FTUI. The field assessment process itself has been carried out on 20-21 June 2022.

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Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia