Every semester, BPMA UI holds an Internal Semester Evaluation (Evisem) for undergraduate (Parallel, Regular, International), Master, Doctoral, and Professional Programs for all faculties within the Universitas Indonesia. With the end of the 2021/2022 school year, an Annual Internal Evaluation (Evitah) will also be held along with the Evisem series. The Evisem and Evitah series will be held in September-October 2022.

To ensure that the Evisem and Evitah fillings reach 100%, the Academic Quality Assurance Unit (UPMA) FTUI assists in filling out Evisem and Evitah to all Departments of the UI Faculty of Engineering. This activity is broadly divided into three series. First, each department is required to fill in Evisem data in the period 1-20 September 2022. Then UPMA FTUI will evaluate and provide recommendations for Evisem which has been filled out by each department in the period 21-27 September 2022. The series ends with filling in Evitah data by the faculty management in the period September 28-October 07, 2022.

In practice, each department has a lecturer representative assigned to be a verifier. The lecturers who represent each department are Mulia Orientize, S.T., M.Eng.; Dr. Cindy Rianti Priadi, S.T., M.Sc.; Dr. eng. Arnas, S.T., M.T.; Dr. eng. Mia Rizkinia S.T., M.T.; Dr. Ir. Bambang Priyono, M.T.; Dr. Ing. Yulia Nurliani Harahap, M.Des.; Ir. Abdul Wahid, MT., PhD; and Dr. Maya Arlini Puspasari, S.T., M.T., MBA. Together with UPMA, the verifier team also evaluates and provides recommendations in offline or online meetings to seven departments under the auspices of the UI Faculty of Engineering.

At the end of the activity, the UI Faculty of Engineering succeeded in filling out Evisem and Evitah with 100% achievement. The results of Evisem from 52 study programs – Parallel, Regular, and International undergraduate study programs are calculated separately – in FTUI, 36 of which are in the “very good” category and 16 others are in the “good” category.


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