Grashof technology is nothing new, but a lecturer and researcher from the FTUI Mechanical Engineering Department, Prof. Dr. Ir. Raldi Artono Koestoer, DEA. able to utilize this technology for wider purposes, namely baby incubators. The Grgbkmn ashof incubator acts as a warmer for premature babies or low birth weight babies (LBW), as well as to prevent these babies from experiencing hypothermia (cold). By applying a natural convection system, the Grashof incubator can deliver the even heat flow that babies need, from head to toe.

ProfCast FTUI this time had the opportunity to invite Prof. Raldi as a guest star on ProfCast Episode 6. In telling the story of his journey, Prof. Raldi told about the beginning of his incubator being loaned out for free in 2012. Once upon a time, Prof. Raldi delivered his incubator to be loaned to a house far from the main road. The limited access road to the destination house required him to push an incubator weighing 20 kg to a row house which was divided into 3 families. With a house electricity charge of 450 watts, each family only had 150 watts, while at that time the Incubator was created by prof. Raldi still needs 240 watts of electricity. This means that the other two families have to give in so that the incubator can be used.

This is what later became the background for Prof. Raldi to continue to conduct research and development on this incubator so that it is more energy efficient and easier to carry so that it can reach more areas. Currently, he has succeeded in creating a Portable Grashof Incubator that can be knocked down and only requires 50 watts to use. Until December 2020 yesterday, more than 4,500 babies have been rescued with the help of the Grashof incubator.

The free loan of the Grashof incubator continues to be carried out through the help of volunteer agents in various regions. Four requirements must be met to become a volunteer agent. “The first requirement is to be willing to reimburse the Incubator production costs. Second, willing to deliver the incubator to the baby’s mother’s house. Third, be willing to take back the incubator that has been lent. Fourthly, it is not permissible to commercialize this incubator,” said Prof. Raldi.
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