ProfCast FTUI episode 7 is back with a special guest. He is a Professor of the Department of Chemical Engineering FTUI, Prof. Ir. Kamarza Mulia, M.Sc., Ph.D. In this episode, ProfCast discusses the benefits of Indonesian natural ingredients for medicines. Prof. Kamarza has served as a lecturer for 35 years. He has conducted a lot of research on various natural resources in Indonesia, especially fruits. One of his most discussed studies is the use of mangosteen peel which is useful for health.

In his presentation, Prof. Kamarza explained that Indonesia is very rich in natural resources and it is important to take advantage of this. “Indonesia has extraordinary biodiversity, number 2 after the Amazon Forest. For this reason, utilizing Bio-Active Compounds from various plants in Indonesia is very beneficial for our health. One of the plant species in Indonesia that interests me is the mangosteen. In the skin of the mangosteen, there is a Bio-Active compound called Mangostin, which upon further investigation has many benefits.”

“From this compound, there are substances that can defeat cancer cells, bacteria, very strong antioxidants, and various other benefits. In reality, this mangosteen peel is only thrown away by the community and becomes trash. Even though there are various benefits of this mangosteen peel, the Bio-Active Compounds can be extracted, and encapsulated into a good formula. Based on research results, it has even been able to overcome colon cancer. Apart from that, it can also be made as a component of beauty creams,” continued Prof. Kamarza.

Something is interesting about this mangosteen peel research, Prof. Kamarza conducted beauty-focused mangosteen peel research together with his wife, Elsa Anisa Krisanti Ph.D. who is also a Lecturer in the Department of Chemical Engineering FTUI.

Discussing the process of Bio-Active Compounds that must be extracted, Prof. Kamarza and team use Deep Eutectic Solvents (DESs). DESs are made by mixing A and B, then unite and become a liquid. DESs are also friendly to the body and have very minimal impact on the environment, and are very helpful in the extraction process. Then, for the direction of commercialization, Prof. Kamarza and the team already have research that can absorb CO2.

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