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The HIC is a hackathon competition cum 3-day bootcamp on tackling global health challenges, with the theme being “Advancing Health Equity in the Digital Age” this year. Students of different nationalities and academic backgrounds will be paired to learn from global leaders in medicine and entrepreneurship: design thinking, business planning, market analysis, pitching and prototyping; culminating in completing their own healthcare initiative and competing at a final pitch witnessed by 500+ international medical students. The D.H. Chen Foundation Health Innovation Challenge (HIC) 2019 at the University of Hong Kong, taking place on June 20-24, 2019.

The event is part of the annual 5-day Asia Pacific Regional Meeting of the International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations (IFMSA). It is coordinated by the Asian Medical Students’ Association Hong Kong (AMSAHK) and supported by LKS Faculty of Medicine, the University of Hong Kong (HKU), the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park (HKSTP), the D. H. Chen Foundation and the Hong Kong Tourism Board.

Applicants are eligible for travel grants of up to US$500 per person. Winners of the competition take home up to US$1500 in prize money and mentorships from international MedTech incubators. We welcome medical students, as well as students from other academic disciplines interested in global health, medical technology, and entrepreneurship.

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