The development of information and communication technology is so rapid that it is important to support it with cyber security (Cyber ​​Security). Based on security index and NCSI data, Indonesia is currently in 83rd position out of 160 countries regarding cyber security. We often encounter news about data leaks in the mass media so that it can have a negative impact, namely public trust in data security and protection is decreasing.

With this, the Universitas Indonesia (UI) research team chaired by Prof. Dr-ing. Kalamullah Ramli, M. Eng., innovated to make the Secure HT-Box. Designed to secure the Indonesian nation’s strategic data/information. This innovation was realized thanks to the support of grants from the Education Fund Management Institute (LPDP), a joint license with PT Hikari Solusindo Sukses, and collaboration with the National Cyber ​​and Crypto Agency (BSSN). PT Prasimax and the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) also contributed to developing this innovation in terms of marketing and improving sound quality.

Responding to the results of this study, Prof. Dr. Heri Hermansyah. ST., M.Eng., Dean of Faculty of Engineering Universitas Indonesia said, “We express our greatest appreciation to all parties who have realized what has been achieved so far by Prof. Kalamullah Ramli, and furthermore shows that the people in the Faculty of Engineering are superior and have an impact, so that in the future the Faculty of Engineering will spread benefits for the Indonesian people.”

UI Vice Rector for Research and Innovation, drg. Nurtami, Ph.D., Sp.OF(K), considered that the Secure HT-Box had a positive impact on domestic data security. “So far, coded products used by state officials are foreign products that are vulnerable to exploitation by foreign parties. “With domestic products with a minimum TKDN that is achieved, the country’s need for the availability of secure communication tools can be fulfilled, with a data and information security system that is protected by a reliable and anti-trapping security code,” he said.

The Secure HT-Box works as a plug-in device, which components consist of a handy talkie, a hands-free headset, and a voice encryption-decryption module. The voice issued by the sender will be encrypted by the voice encryption-decryption module, then transmitted by the handy talkie. Then, the voice is captured by the receiving handy talkie so that it is decrypted again by the voice encryption-decryption module, so that it can be heard clearly by the recipient.

LPDP Research Director, Wisnu Sardjono Soenarso, in his remarks said “We from LPDP will continue to encourage researchers to build innovation systems in the ABG context, namely Academicians, Businesses, and Government, so that we from LPDP very pleased that Prof.Dr-ing.Kalamullah Ramli, M.Eng., has conducted research and innovation in the field of communication that has fulfilled these three contexts. He hopes that all components that support this research will jointly commit to downstreaming the products produced by the UI research team.”

Plt. Main Secretary, National Cyber ​​and Crypto Agency (BSSN), Y.B. Susilo Wibowo, S.E, M.M. respond positively to the results of this study. According to him, “the success of this joint research activity is proof of good and solid collaboration between sectors with the aim of maintaining information in Indonesia where the results of this collaboration can be expected to immediately feel the benefits.”

While the Project Manager of PT. Hikari Solusindo Sukses, Esha Ganesha SBW, said, “Hikari is committed to becoming a strategic partner for higher education institutions in downstreaming products resulting from innovative research, especially the Secure HT Box to be used widely. And we hope that this product can be the pride of Indonesia and can be useful for the Indonesian nation.”

Universitas Indonesia and PT Hikari Solusindo Sukses officially collaborated which was marked by the signing of a cooperation agreement for the secure HT-Box invention product license today, (28/10). This collaboration concerns the downstreaming of secure communication tools for strategic purposes through the Secure HT-Box.

The research members: Dr. Muhammad Salman, M.IT., Dr. Suryadi (F-MIPA UI), Dr. Yohan Suryanto, M.T., Dr. Maghfirawaty, M.Sc. (Poly SSN), Dr. Nur Hayati (UMY), Diyanatul Husna, M.T. in charge of developing protocols, encryption algorithms, system designers, policy recommendations. PT. Hikari and PT. Prasimax is in charge of hardware, product and marketing realization, the National Cyber ​​and Crypto Agency Team is in charge of testing, BRIN; Dr. Hilman Pardede is in charge of voice synthetizes.


Bureau of Public Communications
Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia