Based on data released by the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (KKP), shrimp is the prima donna of fisheries exports in Indonesia. As one of Indonesia’s leading export commodities, the application of advanced technology to improve the quality and quantity of shrimp needs to be encouraged. However, shrimp farming is not without challenges. Several inhibiting factors, such as poor water quality and diseases caused by suboptimal pond conditions, have caused many premature shrimp deaths.

Departing from these problems, the Research Team from the Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia (FTUI) together with PT Nanotech Indonesia Global, Tbk. (NIG) conducted research and development of Oxygen Nanobubble Generator (ONG) technology for shrimp farming. This is done to provide optimal water and ponds so that farmers obtain high yields. Through the 2022 Kedaireka funding from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology (Kemendikbudristek), FTUI and NIG are developing the integration of FTUI’s Oxygen Concentrator machine with NIG’s flagship technology, namely the Nanobubble engine.

“This tool can increase dissolved oxygen levels in water with the help of an oxygen concentrator. Oxygen concentrators are used to supply oxygen with levels above 90% from free air (78% N2 and 21% O2). In addition, the ONG prototype is designed to float in the middle of a pond. This is so that the nanobubble with high oxygen concentration can be spread evenly throughout the pond,” said Dr. Ir. Tomy Abuzairi, S.T., M.Sc., M.T., Ph.D., Head of the Research Team and Lecturer in the Department of Electrical Engineering FTUI.

ONG technology is capable of generating oxygen bubbles down to <100 nm in size. Oxygen bubbles in nano size have better stability than macro size. Oxygen gas input to the ONG tool is produced from an Oxygen Concentrator tool with a purity of more than 90%. Several studies have shown that oxygen-enriched water can prevent diseases that interfere with shrimp farming, and its application to vannamei shrimp farming in NIG ponds has shown a two-fold increase in crop yields.

“Currently the Nanobubble Generator has been produced and marketed by PT Nanotech Indonesia Global, Tbk. This tool is applied in shrimp pond cultivation to increase the solubility of oxygen gas in water and maintain the stability of oxygen content for a long time compared to conventional aerators. Bubble size at the nanoscale can increase the contact surface area. The application of this technology can improve the quality of life of fish and shrimp in ponds and increase crop yields,” said Prof. Dr. Nurul Taufiqu Rahman, M.Eng., Main Commissioner of PT Nanotech Indonesia Global, Tbk.

Dean of FTUI, Prof. Dr. Heri Hermansyah, S.T., M.Eng., IPU said, the purpose of creating this product is to provide a solution to aquaculture problems, such as a lack of oxygen, by offering technology that can increase and stabilize oxygen concentrations in water. “Adequacy of oxygen in the waters can increase the total harvest and prevent fishery products from diseases that often disrupt the production process. Hopefully, in the future, the Indonesian fishing industry can take advantage of this product and its use will bring prosperity to fishermen and shrimp farmers,” said Prof. Harry.


Bureau of Public Communications
Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia