As part of FTUI’s effort to expand our network, FTUI signed the Letter of Agreement with the Professional Certification Agency Association of Energy Conservation Expert (LSP HAKE). The signing was done on Wednesday, 18 May 2016 at the Dean’s Meeting Room, Dean’s Building FTUI. The signing was done by the Dean of FTUI, Prof. Dedi Priadi, DEA with […]

Doctorate Candidate from the Electrical Engineering Department, FTUI, Dr. Setiyo Budiyanto defended his dissertation entitled: “The Performance Enhancement of Load Balancing and UMTS – IEEE 802.11g Offload with the New Genetic Zone Routing Protocol Model” during the Open Session Conferement of Doctorate Candidate last Thursday, 12 May 2016. Acting as Head of Examiner Committee is Prof. Dr. […]

Each year, FTUI held a Sport Excursion Trip. This trips are meant as a medium to to establish cooperation and friendship between the UI with various educational institutions in Indonesia. This trips are also meant to become an event to realize the Univesity Tri Dharma vision in actualizing the cooperation and solidarity between universities. This year, […]

Who ever said that Keroncong Music is outdated music that can only be sung and enjoyed by old people? in fact, Keroncong music, has been around for decades and has flourished into a cool genre of music not only on the story of the independence struggle but also about the beauty of Indonesia. It is now the […]