On 2 June 2016, students of Faculty of Engineering Universitas Indonesia succeeded in winning two titles at once in the OIL EXPO 2016 competition held by Trisakti University. In this competition, IATMI SMUI and SPE UISC sent one team to compete in the Smart Competition and two teams to compete in the Oil Rig Design Competition. Competing in the Oil Rig Design Competition, Hunyad Team, consist of: Jeremy Adidya (Chemical Engineering 2015), Samuel Pangeran (Chemical Engineering 2015), Indra Kharisma (Chemical Engineering 2015), Clarissa Merry (Chemical Engineering 2015), and Aji Satrio Rinenggo (Naval Engineering and Marine Architecture 2015) succeeded in winning First Place.

Competing in Smart Competition, UI Team, consist of: Ryan Andriant (Chemical Engineering 2013), Paulina Meiliani (International Program 2014), and M. Arif Henryawan (Chemical Engineering 2015) succeeded in landing Runner Up, defeating teams from other universities, both nationally and internationally. Not only that, Ryan Andriant was also elected MVP (Most Valuable Player) for answering most questions during the competition.

Oil Rig Design Competition itself is a competition where students compete in design or oil rig design in innovation, efficiency, and quality. While Smart Competition is a quiz type competition comparing students’ competence in answering questions in cases and issues in oil and gas field, including reservoir technique, drilling technique, production technique, petrochemical, geology technique, and geophysics in oil and gas. Both are aimed to test the knowledge and ability of students in energy and oil and gas. It was hoped that their victories can motivate other FTUI students to achieve more accomplishments in the future. (KMAV FTUI)