The Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia (FTUI) through the Documentation Center unit held a socialization and publication of the ANDIENI eSign for FT UI leaders on Wednesday (30/3) in the dean building of the senate meeting room and professors on the 2nd floor of the Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia. FTUI invited several speakers, namely the Head of the UI Archives Office, Mr. Wahid Nurfiantara, S.Hum, M.T.I, Mr. Agustinus Bayu Setyawan, S.Hum and Mrs. Rian Windarsih S.Hum (UI Archives office team).

In this Andieni eSign socialization and publication, the speakers explained about the Andieni system and the issuance of eSign (certified electronic signature). This event was attended by 25 heads of faculty and department’s management team, consisting of Vice Deans, Associate Deans, Heads of Units, Heads of Departments and Department Secretaries within the Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia.

The Vice Dean for Education, Research and Student Affairs, FT UI, Prof. Dr. Ir.Yanuar, M.Eng., M.Sc opened this activity and said, “With this Andieni eSign Socialization and Publishing, it is hoped that the electronic mail system can be applied at the Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia in the process of correspondence and digital filing. This will make it easier, accountable and carried out systematically and quickly so that we can provide the best service.”

Andieni uses digital signature technology or also known as certified electronic signature (eSign). Digital documents that have been embedded with electronic certificates will be encrypted so that any form of manipulation of the document content will be tracked by stating that the document has been modified since it was last signed. The eSign used on Andieni is the result of a partnership between UI and the Electronic Certification Center (BSrE). The Electronic Certification Center is a technical implementing unit at the National Cyber ​​and Crypto Agency (formerly the National Crypto Agency) which has the task of providing electronic certificate issuance and management services in Indonesia for government agencies.

Andieni can be used in several scenarios, namely Receiving a printed official document (letter), sending a printed official document (letter) with Andieni. and Electronic & eSign official document. “By optimizing the Andieni system, it is hoped that it will not only improve performance and productivity in terms of correspondence and archiving, but also support the University of Indonesia’s policy to reduce paper use and support the Sustainable Office Environment policy,” said the Dean of FTUI, Prof. Dr. Heri Hermansyah, ST., M.Eng., IPU.


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