Optimalization of e-Office, FTUI Held ANDIENITraining

Andieni (Universitas Indonesia Electronic Service Manuscript Application) is an application created with the aim of facilitating the creation of official documents (official notes and official letters) and utilizing information technology since drafting, supervisor approval, ratification with digital signatures, as well as electronic distribution to the destination of the manuscript. 

The Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia is committed to improving the quality of the implementation of the correspondence program with applicable regulations. To improve the competence of the administration of correspondence and archives, especially for secretaries and administrative departments that handle correspondence and archives. Therefore, the unit under the Public Communication and General Administration Manager, namely the Documentation Center of the Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia in collaboration with the Universitas Indonesia Archives held a training on technical paperwork through the electronic system, namely “ANDIENI Training” which was held on Tuesday, March 22, 2022 online via media zoom meeting.

Andieni’s training event was opened by Ms. Tikka Anggraeni, S.Sos., M.Sc., CPR as Publication Manager and General Administration of the Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia and attended by two speakers, namely Mrs. Rian Windarsih S.Hum and Yogie Heru Marsetio from the Archives team, Universitas Indonesia, and was attended by 26 secretaries and administrative staff of departments within the Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia.

In the application of electronic official documents, there is a process of changing work culture from managing manuscripts (letters) in printed form to electronic form. And the change in the work process which originally saw the received letter into a digital work process by viewing the letter on a device or computer. ANDIENI training is expected to be able to realize effectiveness and efficiency in the management of correspondence and archives and be able to present a real solution for improving performance and productivity in mail administration, especially in the Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia.


Public Communication Bureau
Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia