On Monday (6/4), the Academic Quality Assurance Unit of the Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia (UPMA FTUI) held a Study Program Accreditation Socialization by the Independent Accreditation Institute of Engineering (LAM Teknik). This socialization was attended by Prof. S. Hartati Reksodiputro, Ph.D. (BPMA UI), Dr. Ir. Anak Agung Putri Ratna M.Eng (Directorate of Education UI), Prof. Dr. Ir. Winarto, M.Sc. (Chairman of UPMA FTUI), as well as several heads of study programs and lecturers from various majors.

Prof. Misri Gozan as Chair of the Permanent Agency for LAM Engineering PII was present as a resource person in the study program accreditation socialization activity. He delivered material related to accreditation of academic and vocational study programs which included LKPS and registration guidelines. In his presentation, Prof. Misri emphasized that in the preparation of the accreditation form, it is best if the LKPS (Study Program Performance Report) was made before making the LED (Self-Evaluation Report). “We do not recommend making both simultaneously because the LKPS is authentic evidence of quantitative data which can then be converted into graphic data or schematics to be entered into the LED,” said Prof. Misri.

Evaluation of performance achievements includes three things, namely the profile of the Study Program Management Unit (UPPS) and Study Program (PS), external conditions, and the achievement of each criterion. If the Study Program is already accredited by IABEE and is still valid in the next few years, the accreditation can be immediately equated with UNGGUL in LAM TEKNIK.

There are 9 points that become the criteria for LAM TEKNIK accreditation, namely:
1. Vision, mission, goals, and strategies,
2. Governance, governance, and cooperation,
3. Student
4. Human resources
5. Finance, facilities and infrastructure
6. Education
7. Research
8. Community service
9. Outcomes and achievements of higher education tridharma

“The LAM TEKNIK accreditation is not open all the time, but only at certain times. In a year, LAM TEKNIK organizes three waves, each wave lasts 15 weeks. The purpose of making this wave is to make it easier for study programs to know when to register, when to carry out an assessment, and when accreditation will come out. Currently, LAM TEKNIK accepts 250 study programs in each batch,” said Prof. Misri.

Then Prof. Misri also showed a detailed guide for filling out the LKPS for each required table which is available on the LAM TEKNIK website. Guidelines for making LKPS along with other information are also available in the form of videos to make it easier for users of the website.

On a separate occasion, the Dean of FTUI, Prof. Dr. Heri Hermansyah, ST., M.Eng., IPU welcomed the implementation of this socialization event. “FTUI is always ready and continues to strive to maintain the quality of education for our students. We are committed to maintaining the quality of education through accreditation for study programs at FT, including accreditation of LAM TEKNIK.”


Public Communication Bureau
Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia