Strengthen Graduate Data and Profiles, FTUI Holds Tracer Study Socialization

In Indonesia, the implementation of the mandatory tracer study program is a concern as part of the completeness of the accreditation of study programs. Traditionally tracer studies are carried out at the study program level because the subject to be achieved is study program accreditation. At UI, the tracer study started in 2008 and the development of the tracer study cannot be separated from the establishment of the Career Center. In 2008, it was agreed that there would be funds to carry out a university survey, which was carried out by the Career Development Center (CDC).

This information was conveyed by Ahmad Syafiq, Ph.D., Director of the Directorate of Graduate Career and Alumni Relations of the Universitas Indonesia (DKPHA UI) during the Tracer Study socialization activity at the Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia (FTUI) last Thursday (31/3). The event was opened by the Dean of FTUI, Prof. Dr. Heri Hermansyah, ST., M.Eng., IPU and also attended by Prof. Dr. Ir. Winarto, M.Sc., Head of Academic Quality Assurance Unit, Dr.-Ing. Ir. Dalhar Susanto, Manager of Cooperation, Venture and Alumni as well as Heads and Secretaries of Departments within FTUI.

“Tracer Study is considered the most appropriate for graduates who have recently left university. Tracer studies should be carried out continuously and regularly. Universities must have the awareness to conduct tracer studies. Not only for the sake of accreditation, but also to get a graduate profile,” said Prof. Heri in the opening.
In a tracer study, a questionnaire is a key element. The university considers the number of questions asked in the tracer study to be too many. But on the other hand, the questionnaire questions should not be few. A little question can not dig up more information. Need to design, How a simple questionnaire produces maximum information.

“The ministry stated that tracer studies should be carried out regularly. The results of the tracking are useful for evaluating the main performance indicators of PTN. One of the related factors of tracer study is that graduates get decent jobs in a short time. Ideally, graduate tracking starts after one to 2 years after graduation,” said Dr. Dalhar.

In his presentation, Ahmad Syafiq, Ph.D. said that UI and the faculties within it had to adapt and understand more that tracer studies could be used not only for accreditation purposes.

“First, increasing respondents. Dissemination, repeated reminders, and study program involvement need to be done. It is necessary to determine the PIC of the faculty for processing and retrieval of the tracer data itself. Second, it is necessary to hold a workshop to disseminate the results and find out how to use the data for a wider scope. Third, the questions are made modular. There are several questionnaires that are prepared as needed, can use short questionnaires, more complex questionnaires. Finally, it is necessary to collaborate together from the university level to the study program so that there is no miscommunication and lack of information “.


Public Communication Bureau
Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia