The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Unit, Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia (FTUI) exhibited products related to health technology at the Virtual Exhibition Health Tech Thailand 2021-2022 organized by Thailand Science Park (TSP) until December 8, 2022.

TSP itself is one of the “role models” of STF/KST and a representative of STP from the Indonesian Association of Science & Techno Park Indonesia (ASTPI).

FTUI’s participation in this exhibition aims to introduce products from the research and innovations of the FTUI academic community to foreign countries. Through participation in this international exhibition, it is hoped that it will open up opportunities for collaboration with foreign partners.

The products displayed at the 2021 Health Thai Tech Exhibition are as follows:

  1. Covent-20 Emergency Transport Ventilator
  2. Trigona Propolis Extract
  3. Flocked Swab HS-19 Stick
  4. High Flow Nasal Cannula (HNFC)
  5. Salam (Mosque Floor Sterilization)
  6. Puvicon DSF-02X, DSF-04, XAP-02, DSF-03
  7. Puridis (Air Purifier & Disinfection)
  8. Spidex
  9. Frizan
  10. Flolis (Tropical substance for active caries based on Propolis)
  11. Habassy Honey
  12. Biomaterial Titanium Implants
  13. Portable and low cost Oxygen Concentrator
  14. Automatic Covid-19 Screening Thermometer
  15. Low Cost Mini Patient Health Monitor
  16. Infrared Photomodulator
  17. Portable Infant Warmer
  18. Blue ECG : Arduino-based electrocardiogram with bluetooth feature
  19. Portable Phototherapy Lamp With focused reflecting system and low power
  20. Jamu Bancar Resik Prevents Atherosclerosis
  21. Human Friendly UVC
  22. Twin Baby Frashof Incubator with Digital Thermostat
  23. Portable Grashof Incubator (Completely Knock Down?CKD-Type)
  24. Hadapolis (herbal soap)

You can also visit the virtual booth of FTUI at the following link:



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