UI and ASKI Launch Plasmafan Grin to Overcome Air Pollution as well as Electronic Disinfectant

Universitas Indonesia (UI) and PT Astra Component Indonesia (ASKI) launched the latest innovation product called Grin Plasmafan. This product is a fan equipped with an ion generator (ionizer) capable of producing 20 million ions/cm3 negative ions. Grin Plasmafan was launched online through the Grin website www.grin.co.id and the UI website www.ui.ac.id on Friday, April 1, 2022.

Grin Plasmafan uses Wet Plasma Technology which was developed by Professor of Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia (FTUI), Prof. Dr. Ir. Setijo Bismo, DEA. and team. This technology works in such a way that it produces O2[-] (superoxide), H2O[-] (water) ions, and [-]OH (hydroxyl) radicals, which are in the form of negative ions or radicals that are often found in the area. mountains. Thanks to the forced convection system of this wet plasma technology, Grin Plasmafan will be able to treat and treat air pollution, as well as act as an electronic disinfectant that works with a rapid and systemic diffusion mechanism.

“Grin Plasmafan works by blowing the wind while simultaneously spraying negative ions into the air, which will automatically neutralize the air by killing pollution particles, bacteria, and viruses. By simply inhaling negative ions, the level of serotonin in the blood can be reduced, resulting in a relaxing effect and protecting the lungs from irritation and inflammation. Negative ions can also reduce respiratory disorders such as coughs, flu, and asthma. Apart from being used for daily needs, this product can also help allergy sufferers,” said Prof. Setijo Bismo, explained the Grin Plasmafan technology.

The Dean of FTUI, Prof. Dr. Heri Hermansyah, ST., M.Eng., IPU welcomed the collaboration between FTUI and ASKI. “We always encourage innovation at FTUI in a direction that is relevant and has an impact on the people and nation of Indonesia. Grin Plasmafan answers the community’s need for products that have technology to clean the air and maintain air quality. Not only that, this fan with ion generator helps cool and circulate air better. This tool will be very useful for schools and offices, which are currently preparing to face full face-to-face activities after two years of the pandemic.”

“Industry and educational institutions should collaborate in product development to create downstream research results into innovative and beneficial products for the wider community. In addition to the Grin Plasmafan product, ASKI is also exploring the possibility of cooperation in downstreaming other research products from UI,” said Prihatanto Agung Lesmono, President Director of PT Astra Component Indonesia.

Based on the results of research and testing conducted by the FTUI team, purification or efforts to clean the air with negative ions from Wet Plasma Technology is proven to be able to eliminate 99% of viruses and more than 90% of bacteria in the air in just 10 minutes. In addition, these negative ions can also prevent the growth of mold on food, home furnishings, shoes, and so forth. Negative ions are also useful for removing dust, mites, pollen in the air, and moisturizing the skin.

Grin Plasmafan is equipped with two levels of wind speed that can be selected, 100 degrees of wind direction, and the dimensions of the compact product are only 130 x 300 mm, so it can be easily moved and carried anywhere. Grin Plasmafan is made of quality ABS plastic material with low power consumption of 25 Watts, as well as 4 anti-slip mats made of rubber on the bottom of the product so that it is more secure and stable.


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Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia