The Faculty of Engineering Universitas Indonesia is one faculty that has produced a number of researches. These researches have also been featured in many journals and conferences both nationally and internationally. However, these innovations are seldom realized in bigger scale or mass produced by the industry. The FTUI Business Incubator is aimed to develop the university’s research products in the engineering field into a real prototype to be marketed nationally and internationally. This unit is providing the chance for innovators to create their own prototype that meet the standards of engineering, economic and environmental.

The FTUI Business Incubator is positioned as the Technology Transfer Office (TTO) with the responsibility to identify researches with commercialization potential and the strategy to develop them. The FTUI Businees Incubator will help by coming up with the idea, design and other university efforts through research, construction, and production to produce an actual market worthy prototype. Thus, the Business Model Workshop was coined to better help the selection process of researches to be realized and marketed in the future to create a continuation betweeen research and business in Indonesia.

The Grant Incubation Business Model Workshop was organized by the FTUI Business Incubator on 9 & 16 June 2016 and facilitate training for inventors in the Faculty of Engineering Universitas Indonesia in developing business prototype to be commercialized in the future. The workshop is also one of the judging arena of economic experts to determine the research that will be selected by FTUI. (FTUI Business Incubator).