Continuing to Work in the Midst of a Pandemic, Marine Engineering Study Program Holds a 2022 Ship Design Task Exhibition

Studying during a pandemic often discourages students from learning and being creative. This does not apply to FTUI students. Not only do students have a high enthusiasm for learning, but undergoing online lectures amid a pandemic also does not dampen the creativity and enthusiasm of students to continue learning and working.

Students of the 2019 FTUI Naval Engineering Study Program held the 2022 Ship Design Task Exhibition on June 20, 2022, in the hangar area of ​​the i-CELL FTUI Building. This exhibition displays various ship designs which are the creative work of students.

In total there are 9 ship designs on display, including:
1. Level – LNG Tanker 2500 CBM
2. Protege – Offshore Supply Vessel 3600 DWT
3. Spiro – Oil Tanker 2500 DWT
4. Malacca – Fast Patrol Vessel 50 Meters
5. Bahari Jaya – Purse Seine 450 GT
6. Mother’s Prayer – Container Vessel 6000 TEUs
7. Rahayu – Bulk Carrier 20000 DWT
8. Dawn Connect – Vehicle Carrier 22000 DWT
9. Baladewa Cruise – Passenger Ship 16000 GT

This ship design task exhibition was held in collaboration with the Hydro Technology Workshop (HTW) UI. There were also exhibition panelists from several industry practitioners, namely Andi Nuralim (PT BKI), Alwin Rizky Lubis (PT PIS), Prianto Bagus Anugrah (PT Sucofindo), and Eky Bagaskara (Kakanoo Maritim Nusantara). The exhibition begins with a speech from the lecturer and a short video presentation about the ship’s design from each team.

In his remarks, one of the lecturers in shipping engineering, Dr. eng. Gerry Liston Putra S.T., M.T. conveyed his pride towards the shipping engineering students, “This is the first time we are holding an exhibition of ships along with their mockups. I am quite proud, that in this short time, my friends can make a complete ship mockup with its upper deck. I can take about 2 months to make a ship mockup, but my friends can complete it in detail in 1 month.”

Apart from Dr. Gerry, also attended by 3 other supporting lecturers, namely Dr. eng. Muhammad Arif Budiyanto S.T., M.T., Achmad Riadi S.T., M.Eng., Ph.D., and Dr. eng. Gunawan S.T., M.T. Not only from the FTUI community, but several other university students also visited to see the ship designs of the FTUI shipping engineering students. The exhibition lasted until 12.00 and ended with a photo with the whole team and their respective ship mockups.


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