DTE FTUI’s Launched it’s First Friday Morning Forum (FMF)

The Department of Electrical Engineering, FTUI, initiated the Friday Morning Forum (FMF) activity, which is an activity for sharing research results from research groups at DTE-FTUI. This FMF activity was first held on Friday (16/09) located at the MRPQ DTE FTUI Auditorium. The Research Group that got the first turn was the Internet of Things & Blockchain Technology Research Group (IoT+), chaired by Prof. Riri Fitri Sari, M.M., M.Sc., Ph.D., IPU.

“Everyone can make products and progress, but only a few will arrive and be available to everyone. But we don’t need to be discouraged, because a little progress, for example, we can work 2.5% better, faster, or more efficiently than before is enough. Because all struggles have a beginning, there will also be beautiful days later. I hope that the University of Indonesia and all my friends here can change a better image. Because basically all operations that occur in this world on all lines will be based on information and communication technology, and mothers and fathers are those people, “said Prof. Riri in the opening and presentation related to IoT+ group research.

On this occasion, Bambang Susilo, an FTUI DTE Doctoral Program student and a member of the IoT+ Research Group, had the opportunity to be a presenter at FMF. He explained the research topic with the title “Intrusion Detection in IoT Networks Using Deep Learning Algorithm.” This time the FMF was moderated by A’Isyah Nur Aulia Yusuf, a member of the Anntena Propagation and Microwave Research Group (AMRG).

Internet of Things (IoT) devices have become an inseparable part of human daily life. Every year, the number of devices connected to the internet is increasing. Of course, with the increase in internet network connections, this is accompanied by security challenges in its use. This is the background for Bambang Susilo and the IoT+ team in conducting research. In the research conducted, one method that can be used to improve IoT network security is by using machine-learning. Bambang and the IoT+ team are trying to develop an algorithm to detect DoS attacks using the Python programming language.

“In this study, we examined various machine-learning and deep-learning algorithms on IoT networks. We combined the evaluation of the RF, CNN, and MLP algorithms. From these three algorithms, it was found that RF and CNN gave the best results in terms of accuracy,” said Bambang in his presentation.

This FMF activity is planned to be held offline every Friday morning, is mandatory to be attended by DTE-FTUI doctoral students, and is open to the public. Speakers/presenters can come from postgraduate, undergraduate students, or lecturers from the DTE-FTUI Research Group. In each FMF session, the head of the Research Group will explain the research roadmap of the research group, while the position of the research topic will be conveyed by the members of the research group.


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