FTUI and FTI Pertamina University Establish Joint Degree Fast Track Cooperation

Following up on the joint degree fast-track collaboration discussion, the Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia, and the Faculty of Industrial Technology, Pertamina University met again on Thursday (11/08). This meeting was attended by Prof. Dr. Ir. Yanuar, M.Eng., M.Sc. as Deputy Dean for Division I FTUI and Khusnun Widiyati, S.T., M.Eng., Ph.D. as Deputy Dean of FTI-UP.

Also present at the meeting were FTUI representatives, Dr.-Ing. Ir. Dalhar Susanto (Cooperation Manager, Venture, and Alumni), F. Astha Ekadiyanto, S.T., M.Sc (Head of Center for Independent Learning), Prof. Dr. Ir. Harinaldi M.Eng. (Head of Education Modernization and Internationalization Unit), Dr. Nyoman Suwartha, S.T., M.T., M.Agr. (Education Manager), Ayomi Dita Rarasati, S.T., M.T., Ph.D. (Kadept. Civil Engineering), Dr. Agus Sunjarianto Pamitran, ST., M.Eng. (Kadept. Mechanical Engineering), and Dr. Bambang Heru Susanto, ST., MT (Department of Chemical Engineering).

In his speech, Prof. Yanuar explained the possibility of conducting lectures that will run, “Lectures for the next semester will start offline. However, over time, we do not rule out the possibility that lectures will be conducted online, offline, or hybrid.”

The discussion continued by outlining and determining the points that would be used as a cooperation agreement. The scheme proposed by Pertamina University is to open a Fast Track program in the 7th or 8th semester from S1 at Pertamina University to Masters at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Indonesia. To make this happen, later FTUI and FTI-UP will carry out a curriculum equation for fast-track program students.

“The courses taken by students in the Fast Track program can be claimed for credit twice. Where a student is currently undergoing an undergraduate degree, the credit for his undergraduate course will be recognized and when he enters his master’s degree, the course credit will also be recognized,” explained Astha Ekadiyanto.

Then the representatives of the FTUI departments, namely Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Chemical Engineering each conveyed additional points that need to be considered in implementing the joint degree fast track. Some of them are, fast track students are required to graduate within 5 years, supervisors for masters must have at least doctoral degrees, and students must prepare two publications during their undergraduate and postgraduate studies. It is hoped that from this meeting, a cooperation agreement will be established between FTUI and FTI-UP in building a fast-track joint degree program in the future.


Public Communication Bureau
Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia