FTUI Gives Education on the Phenomenon of Rising Sea Water and Rob Flood for Elementary School Students on the Coast

Sea level rise is one of a series of impacts of global climate change. As an archipelagic country with 17,504 islands, Indonesia is the country with the second longest coastline in the world, after Canada. The vulnerability of coastal or coastal areas to disasters due to the impact of global climate change in Indonesia makes mitigation and adaptation actions for the phenomenon of rising sea levels one of Indonesia’s most important lists.

The Faculty of Engineering, University of Indonesia (FTUI) team, under the Directorate of Community Service and Empowerment (DPPM), held a series of educational actions on the phenomenon of sea level rise and tidal flooding for elementary school students living in coastal areas, especially grades V and IV. The activity, which was interspersed with group viewing, quizzes, and games, was entitled “Utilizing Green Open Spaces as Educational Spaces for Disaster Response 4.0” and took place at SDN Untung Jawa 01 Island, Seribu Islands from July-August 2022. This activity aims to raise awareness It is the phenomenon of rising sea levels and tidal flooding that needs to be highlighted, especially for those who live on small islands such as Untung Jawa Island.

In December 2017, as reported by the mass media, 3 islands experienced tidal flooding, due to rising sea levels, including Untung Jawa Island. It is estimated that sea levels rise by about 3 mm every year. With this incident, it is estimated that Jakarta is in danger of sinking in 2050.

FTUI team leader, Dr.-Ing. Ova Candra Dewi said, “The need for activities like this is considered to have entered a high level of urgency, where children of primary school age must be responsive and introspective to climate change, especially related to the phenomenon of sea level rise. By instilling awareness from an early age, children can practice being more responsive to disasters that may arise and can take preventive measures as early as possible.”

The Principal of SDN Untung Jawa 01, Mr. H. Khaerudin, also supports this kind of event. He considers raising awareness like this important not only for the students but also for the teachers. “Similar activities also support Independent Learning by the mandate of the Ministry of Education and Culture, Research and Technology, namely collaboration,” said H. Khaerudin.

This learning material about Climate Change and Sea Level Rise is packaged into interactive learning through colorful visuals. During the activity, participants were asked to recall events related to the Rob flood in their environment and imagine what they could do to slow the rate of sea level rise.

Met at school, Citra and Julio, who live on Untung Jawa Island and are students of Untung Jawa 01 Elementary School, class V, also felt very happy to have been involved in this activity. For Citra and Julio, this activity increases knowledge about climate change and what we can do to prevent sea level rise in their environment.

“From the results of this activity, the FTUI team will produce educational comics related to the phenomenon of sea level rise and tidal flooding. The information in this comic is a collection of stories from the children of the island of Untung Jawa who have experienced tidal floods several times. Citra and Julio are a handful of Indonesian children living on the island. The phenomenon of sea level rise may come sooner than predicted. There are many Indonesian children scattered across various islands and living in coastal areas. This educational comic will always remind us to be vigilant from an early age and preserve nature to the maximum extent we have the ability,” concluded Dr. Ova, who is also the Head of the FTUI Multidisciplinary Urban Planning Masters Program.


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