FTUI Innovation Product Title at the 2022 Defense Research and Development Week

Faculty of Engineering UI (FTUI) participated in the 2022 Defense Research and Development Week event which was held on 11-12 August 2022 at the Ministry of Defense’s Balitbang field, South Jakarta. 

The event was also attended by officials from the Ministry of Defense, TNI officials, BRIN, KKIP, the President Director of the Defense Industry, and several other universities. Two FTUI lecturers were also present as resource persons who helped explain FTUI’s innovative products to the audience. The two FTUI lecturers, namely, Dr. Ir. Tomy Abuzairi, S.T., M.Sc., M.T., Ph.D., and Dr. Ibn Maulana Hidayatullah, S.T., M.T.

The FTUI booth displays various works of the FTUI academic community including:

  1. Drone Artificial Intelligence For Autonomous System by Prof. Dr.Eng. Drs. Benjamin Kusumo Putro, M.Eng.,
  2. Bulletproof Helmet by Prof. Dr. Asep Handaya Saputra, M.Eng.,
  3. LTO Si and LTO-C/Sn Composite Pouch Cell Batteries by Prof. Dr. Ir. Anne Zulfa, MSc.,
  4. Unmanned Surface Vehicle by Prof. Dr. Ir. Sunaryo, M.Sc. and AMV UI TEAM.,
  5. 6061 Aluminum Composite Tube or Al-Mg-Si/Babi-Al203 alloy by Prof. Dr. Ir. Anne Zulfia, MSc.,
  6. Aluminum Composite as a Candidate for Armor Material by Prof. Dr. Ir. Anne Zulfia, Msc., and
  7. Flat Plate Ship by the late. Ir. Hadi Tresno Wibowo & Dr.Eng. Gerry Liston Putra, S.T., M.T.

At the opening of the event, the Head of Research and Development of the Ministry of Defense Marsda TNI, Julexi Tambayong said, “The 2022 R&D Week consists of three main activities, namely, the Defense Innovation Work Competition which was attended by 131 participants; the exhibition of defense R&D products which was attended by 40 participants from both the Ministry of Defense’s own Balitbang and Brin, Dislitbang Forces, Universities, BUMN, and BUMS; and two National Seminars related to the topics, “Defense Expenditure Policy Strategy for Optimizing National Economic Growth” and “Transformation of R-Han 450 Rocket Development Towards Indonesian Defense Missiles.”

The 2022 R&D Week is expected to be a forum for discussion of technological review and analysis of new concepts regarding the use of military force and continue to encourage innovation in defense technology. Currently, advances in science and technology have resulted in new technologies and their innovative applications in defense, some examples include network-centric warfare (NCW), cyber defense, and defense equipment automation. All of these technologies are examples of how a paradigm shift in science and military affairs or the combination of several fields of science and technology has created a new tool of defense which all started from research and development activities.

Currently, FTUI has a close cooperative relationship with Defense University. On April 28, 2022, the Faculty of Engineering, University of Indonesia (FTUI) and the Faculty of Military Engineering, Defense University of the Republic of Indonesia (FTM UNHAN) signed a cooperation agreement related to the implementation, development, and guidance of the UNHAN laboratory practicum education which will be held for one year at FTUI. , and assistance in the preparation of accreditation documents for undergraduate programs of informatics, civil engineering, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering degrees at the Faculty of Military Engineering, UNHAN.


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