Master of Ceremony and Protocol Training for FTUI Academicians

To improve public speaking skills and protocol knowledge of education staff, FTUI held Master of Ceremony (MC) and Protocol training (14/09). This training was organized by the Unit of Public Communication and General Administration and was attended by 41 participants representing each work unit and department within the FTUI. This training is divided into three sessions, namely Theory Class, Practice Class and Service Excellence Class.

Held at Makara 04 Smart Meeting Room, Dean Building Floor 1, this training was opened by the Manager of Public Communication and General Administration of FTUI, Tikka Anggraeni, M.Sc., CPR. At the opening, it was stated that every institution and organization must have a formal or non-formal activity that is internal or external. These activities sometimes involve outside parties who have various positions and levels.

“Therefore, it is important for FTUI to provide Master of Ceremony (MC) & Protocol training for academics from work units and departments within FTUI, so that FTUI has many human resources who are able to communicate effectively, acting as MC in various types of events. event and able to understand various things related to protocol,” said Tikka.

The MC training material was delivered by Mr. Reska Herlambang. PR practitioner who is the Founder/CEO of Share & Talk Communication as well as Professional MC & Moderator who has a lot of experience as an emcee at various events both at home and abroad.


Public Communication Bureau
Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia