FTUI Business Incubation Socialization

FTUI as one of the faculty in the Universitas Indonesia has produced numerous researches. These researches are also published in various research journals and national and international conferences. However these researches and innovations are seldom realized or produced in mass scale or even in industrial scale. The FTUI Business Incubator is aimed to develop universities’ researches in the engineering field to become a marketable prototype both locally and internationally. This unit will give the example for innovators to produce a prototype which meet the standard of engineering, economic, and environment.

The FTUI Business Incubator positioned themselves as the Technology Transfer Office (TTO) that is a unit which is responsible to identify the potential research for commercialization and the strategy for its development. The FTUI Business Incubator will help regulate the idea, design and activities of the university research through a various research process, construction, and production to develop a marketable prototype.

In 2016, the FTUI Business Incubator has a target of producing a minimum of two prototypes that meet the engineering, economic, and environment standards and are marketable. To achieve theis aim, FTUI has allocated a half a billion rupiahs fund for the FTUI Business Incubator. These fund are aimed to perfect the research prototypes of lecturers in FTUI and equipeed them with model and business plan. These perfected prototype will then, hopefully, be able to be implemented with the help of outside investor to realize the downstream research products process. FTUI and the Business Incubator will help in the process of both searching for potential investor or the downstream process.

To be able to apply for the maximum fund for each research proposal of researchers in FTUI, the Seminar on Business Incubation and the Socialization of Grant Incubation FTUI are held. The eventstook place on Tuesday, 10 May 2016 in Chevron Room, Dean’s Building FTUI. The event was opened by a speech from the Dean of FTUI, Prof. Dedi Priadi, DEA. The event was aimed to create a research climate and productive innovation and efficient in FTUI. To achieve this goals, the FTUI Business Incubator invited several researchers and practitioners to present in the event: Prof. Dr. Ir. Mohammad Nasikin, M.Eng from the Chemical Engineering FTUI with his presentation on the Chances and Challenges and Business Incubation in Indonesia; Ir. Dadang Syamsul Munir, MM from PT. Bogor Life Science and Technology (Holding Company IPB) who explained the Product Downstream of Research in IPB; Dr. Djoni Hartono, S.SI., ME, Head of Innovation and Business Incubator Directorate Universitas Indonesia wjho explained the Various Options and Grants Available to Facilitate the Technology Downstream; Prof. Dr. Ir. Budiarso, M.Eng, Head of FTUI Business Incubator; and Dewi Meisari, SE., M.Sc from LPEM FEBUI who invites all researchers in FTUI to direct their research products to aspects of usefulness which later can be absorb by the market and describe the plan for FTUI Incubation Grants. (FTUI Business Incubator).