Sweetness Strategy Between FTUI Students Wins National Business Case Competition

Three Industrial Engineering students, Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia (FTUI) won second place in the Business Case Competition, NBCC NEF 2022 held by UNY. The Kiyowo Aja team consisted of Rizki Estu (Industrial Engineering ’20), Senna Putri (Industrial Engineering ’20), and Juni Fransisca (Industrial Engineering ’21). This team managed to win and compete with 43 other teams.

In the competition held on May 25-28 2022, the Kiyowo team developed a business strategy entitled “Sweetness Strategy: Sweet Sundae Solution Based on Comprehensive Analysis Towards Market Domination of Dairy Products in Indonesia”. Sweet Sundae Company is a company that focuses on selling fresh dairy products, namely ice cream, gelato, pasteurized milk, and yogurt.

Departing from the desire to improve the welfare of local farmers and increase the purchase price by improving the quality of milk, Sweet Sundae which was founded in 2008 has been able to maintain its business to this day. Starting from producing around 27-30 liters of fresh milk per day, this business has grown to be able to produce more than 500 liters of fresh cow’s milk per day.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has had an impact on most businesses around the world, and Sweet Sundae Company is no exception. This Food and Beverage company even experienced a decline in profit of 80%. We are here to propose six solutions for the Sweet Sundae Company. We have formulated this strategy by taking into account the segmentation, position, and target of the products that Sweet Sundae produces,” said Rizki Estu, team leader of Kiyowo Aja.

The first solution is, Establish a Land of Sweetness. Land of Sweetness is an integrated tourist spot by Sweet Sundae Company which was established to provide a different experience for its consumers. Land of Sweetness consists of educational tours, “Your Sundae” cafe which sells ready-to-eat products by the Sundae Company, as well as a souvenir center selling Sweet Sundae products that are ready to take home.

The second solution, the “Not So Sweet Sundae” product To support the new segmentation for consumers who prioritize health, Sweet Sundae can launch the “Not So Sweet Sundae” product which will be a low-sugar Sweet Sundae variant. This is based on the high rate of diabetes in Indonesia and also the high level of public awareness of health.

The third solution, making a series of “Grab the Sweet Fast” as a limited edition product range. Sweet Sundae itself currently has approximately 39 flavor variants in its products, both mixed and the result of developing the taste of the archipelago. Meanwhile, through the results of the Kiyowo Team survey, the number of flavor variants in ice cream is the lowest criterion for consumers. Therefore, what is more, important is the uniqueness and specialty of the taste itself.

The fourth solution is Rebranding Packaging on Dairy Products. Changes in the packaging of milk bottles by using materials that are more sustainable and reusable.

The fifth solution is creative content “Sweet Sunday”. This content is the type of content that will be published on Sweet Sundae’s social media every Sunday and held once a month. Creative content can be implemented on the Instagram platform. Lastly, the provision of the “Sweeten Your Day” Custom Gift Box service for various matters. Customers can directly purchase products on existing company recommendations and of course, must also be by current trends. Thus, the products and services offered by the company can be more relevant to what consumers want without having to be confused or confused about choosing with so many choices.


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Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia