Two FTUI Staff Join the International Staff Training Mobility Week at Sabanci University, Turkey

Amilia Novita Sari and Feri Ferdiansyah, two FTUI education staff, had the opportunity to take part in the International Staff Training Mobility Week at Sabanci University, Turkey. This program is a special event organized by Sabancı University’s Office of International Relations (IRO) for the first time as part of the Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility project.

In this event, apart from Amilia and Feri, 17 participants from 9 countries, Argentina, Azerbaijan, Indonesia, Iran, Colombia, Malaysia, Peru, Russia, and Jordan attended the event which was held at Tuzla Campus between 18-22 July 2022. The participants worked in the fields of administration, academics, and internationalization at their home campus.

“By participating in Erasmus International Staff Week at Sabanci University, I gained new experiences in an international context. I learned about international culture from all parties involved in this workshop and built a new international network that will benefit the internationalization climate at FTUI. In addition, on this occasion I also had the opportunity to promote UI to all participants, to attract inbound mobility for FTUI,” said Amilia, who currently serves as the Coordinator of the FTUI International Office.

On the first day of program implementation, information about Sabanci University and the Office of International Relations was given by the Vice President of Sabanci University, Cem Güneri, and Director of the Office of International Relations Abdullah Daşçı. The presentation also includes information about the activities carried out in the field of internationalization and digitization at Sabanci University.

“During the event, we carried out various academic, administrative, and internationalization service practices that were tailored to the interests of the participants. In addition, we also held one-on-one meetings with various structural officials at Sabanci University. Participating in this workshop provides a new experience for interacting with participants from other countries, honing English skills, and of course getting additional academic knowledge from the presenters at the Erasmus International Staff Week activity at Sabanci University,” said Feri, laboratory assistant at the Mechanical Engineering Department of FTUI.

Erasmus International Staff Week was closed by Meltem Müftüler-Baç, Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts and Social Sciences, University of Sabanci. All participants also visited the Sakıp Sabanci Museum and other historical and cultural sites in Istanbul. The mobility program, which was attended by 73 people and ends on 31 July 2022, aims to strengthen university ties and increase their visibility at the international level.


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