UI’s Three Innovation Boat is Ready to Race in Europe and USA

UI officially send a number of their student delegates to compete in the Boat Competition in the Netherlands, Switzerland, and USA in June-July 2016. There are three teams send by the University: The Solar Boat Team (SBT), Hydros Team (HT), and Autonomous Marine Vehicle Team (AMV). These three teams will compete in the International Level with three UI Innovation Boat: Jagur Boat (SBT Team), The Flat Plate Boat (HT Team) and The Makara-06 and Makara-05 Boats (AMV Team).

The Jayasatria Garuda (Jagur) is a boat which uses the solar power to power the ship propulsion. This boat design was inspired by the traditional Indonesia boat which uses “cadik” (side hull). This boat is six meters long and weight 25 kilograms and uses a 260 WP solar panel, enabling the boat to achieve efficiency of solar panels by 20 %.

The Flat Plate Boat is an innovation work of one of the Lecturer of the Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Study Program, Ir. Hadi Tresno Wibowo. This boat were able to move quickly, as well as transport heavy weights with higher efficiency than normal ships. This ship was designed with a non streamlined hull but broken hull to enable the boat their good stability and to make sure that the design is applicable in the maritime industry.


The Makara-06 or Underwater Drone is the first unmanned ship with a hybrid ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) and UAV (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle) Concept. The Makara-06 has the ability to record picture, video and

Makara-06 memiliki kemampuan merekam gambar, video serta deteksi bentuk di bawah laut serta mampu mengolah citra dari hasil deteksi ini. Makara-06 dirancang bisa bertahan selama 4 jam di bawah air pada kedalaman hingga 100 meter. The AMV Team also design a similar yet different function boat, the Makara-05 as surface drone.

“The Makara-06 and Makara-05 was designed for a specific mission, to replace human work both underwater and on the surface to support various activities in safety, underwater research and disaster relief works”, explained Zulfah, one of the member of the AMV Team, Monday (9/5/2016).

The SBT Team will compete in the International Dutch Solar Challenge in the Netherlands on 30 June – 9 July 2016. The HT Team will compete in the International Hydro Contest in Switzerland on 24-31 July 2016, and the AMV Team will compete in the AUVSI Roboboat Competition 2016 on 4-10 July 2016 in Virginia Beach, USA. (UI PR Office)