Energizing Indonesia Forum (FEI) – Universitas Indonesia Alumni: “Energy Security and Energy Transition: From Planning to Implementation”

In commemoration of the National Youth Pledge Day which falls on October 28, 2022, and the 9th anniversary of the Energizing Indonesia Forum (FEI) Alumni Association of the Department of Gas Petrochemical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia (FEI ILUNI DTGPK FTUI) a series of international seminar activities have been held, education and social issues with major themes related to energy security and transition from planning to implementation. The highlight of the 2022 FEI International Seminar was held at the Manhattan Hotel, Kuningan (South Jakarta) with the theme of developing a smart city for the Capital of the Archipelago (IKN).

In his opening remarks at the FEI event, Prof. Dr. Heri Hermansyah the Dean of FTUI proudly said that this big event and FEI activity in October was UI’s real contribution to energy security and transition as a follow-up to the G-20 Presidency Indonesia. “The FEI series of events includes 7 major events, namely the webinar for the Acceleration of Renewable Energy (6 October 2022), Golf and Charity Tournament (22 October 2022), Open House Activities for Teachers and Students at the Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia (27 October 2022). hold an International Seminar on the Development of the Capital of the Archipelago (IKN) in the Context of NDC Commitment in Indonesia, the launch of the Book of Sustainable Thinking for Indonesian Energy Technocrats, and tonight it will be closed with the FEI Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Award 2022 (28 October 2022) Awards Night”.

“This topic related to IKN was chosen because the topic is interesting, factual, and strategic. Mauren Toruan as Chair of FEI and Chair of this FEI Event Organizer.
The resource persons who attended the International Seminar on the Development of the Capital of the Archipelago were Prof. Dr. Ali Berawi as Deputy for Green and Digital Transformation of IKN and Anang Latief as President Director of Bakti Kominfo. This international seminar explained the concept of IKN development with aspects related to 3D (Design, Decarbonization, and Digitization). The discussion of IKN through scientific literacy, planning, and urban development strategies becomes very urgent, especially in alignment with Indonesia’s SDG commitments and current green leadership.

Dr. Ardian Nengkoda as an advisor to FEI UI stated that FEI UI supports IKN planning and it is hoped that IKN is expected to be one of the pioneers in implementing Smart Cities in the future and must be able to integrate information and communication technology in urban planning to achieve efficiency, improving public services and the welfare of citizens. . That based on Law Number 3 of 2022 concerning the State Capital, it is necessary to stipulate spatial planning, infrastructure, and support so that IKN is expected to become a sustainable, safe, modern, environmentally friendly and productive capital city and become a symbol of the identity of the Indonesian nation. Preparation of IKN infrastructure through the use of local materials (TKDN), environmentally friendly technology, and supporting human resources must be a priority.
In the evening, to conclude the event, Dr. Joko Siswanto as Secretary General of the National Energy Council explained the Indonesian government’s plans for the energy mix and energy transition in the future. Then, the SALMUNORY art show from the IKCC (Indonesia-Korea Community Club) was held simultaneously with the launch of the book on the contribution of technocrats’ thoughts and the submission of the 2022 FEI SDG Award. For this book, there are about 40 authors who contribute ideas and ideas for energy resilience and transition, starting from researchers, practitioners, and associated institutions.

The FEI SDG Award 2022 is divided into 9 categories for companies/organizations and community leaders who have continuously succeeded in taking initiatives, efforts, and sacrifices in realizing the SDG targets in the energy, environment, and respective sectors of activity. The selection process for the FEI SDG Award was carried out strictly through the input of 5 nominations from alumni of the Universitas Indonesia and competent judges. The judging of the 2022 FEI SDG Award was led by Tri Mumpuni (BRIN Steering Committee), Ichsan, Selly Indrawati (Green Industrial Estate Planner), and Erwin K. Awan (Circular Economy Practitioner). The winners of the 2022 FEI SDG Award are as follows:

1. Winner of the Green Government Category: Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources-EBTKE
2. Winner of Sustainable Oil & Gas Category: Pertamina Group
3. Winner of Sustainable Mining Category: Bukit Asam, TBK.
4. Winner of Renewable Energy & Energy Conservation Category: Indonesian Renewable Energy Cooperative (KOPETINDO)
5. Green Factory Category Winner: Paragon Technology & Innovation
6. Winner of Green Financing Category: Bank BTPN Syariah
7. Winner of the Green Forestry & Plantation Category: Pertamina Hulu Energi (PHE)
8. Green Campus Category Winner: Green School (Bali)
9. Winner of the Green Leader Category: Resa Boenard

Dr. Didit Ratam as chairman of ILUNI UI hopes that this FEI event can become a platform for ongoing discussions between officeholders and all related parties as a place for learning, implementation, and recommendations for challenges in realizing the upcoming IKN smart city.

The Energizing Indonesia Forum (FEI) consists of the public, professionals, industry, practitioners, and academics who have passion and concern for sustainable energy development in Indonesia. This forum was established in 2013 exactly 9 years ago, initiated by alumni of the Department of Gas Petrochemical and Chemical Engineering, Universitas Indonesia with the support of all students and education staff at the Universitas Indonesia. For 9 years, FEI has succeeded in bridging discussions between academia, stakeholders (government), industry/private sector, and the community with the main aim of accelerating the application of renewable energy according to Indonesia’s long-term energy mix plan.


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