Mud Drilling Design, Four FTUI Students Win Champions

Four students of the Chemical Engineering Department class of 2020, Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia (FTUI) made achievements in the 2021 Trisakti University Mud Innovation Competition. Janeta Hans, Nur Afifah, Tiffany Angie, and Tiffany Liuvinia were members of the team representing the Universitas Indonesia in the competition.

In the competition, they are required to make a drilling formulation that is used to drill certain holes. This competition was held by the Executive Board of the Student Association (BPHM) majoring in Petroleum Engineering, at Trisakti University.

In addition, the competition that Janeta and her team participated in gave them space to solve problems. The problem given is not far from the problem of drilling fluid. More focus should be on solving problems, such as lithology, soil, and drilling problems. They were asked to design the Mud. Mud itself is a liquid needed in the oil mining process.

After successfully solving the problem regarding the drilling fluid. Project results should be included in the final report. Janeta and team’s final report entitled “Engineered Fluids Solution to Enhance Well Performance in North West Java”

Of the many teams participating in this competition, only seven teams made it to the finals and got the opportunity to present their projects. Until finally Janeta and her team achieved the 3rd Winner of the 2021 Trisakti University Mud Innovation Competition.

“Initially we were able to take part in the competition because there was training organized by an organization in the Chemical Engineering Department. From that organization we got mentors. Until finally we were able to enter the final. In this competition we also implemented the learning process in FTUI, namely Problem Based Learning ( PBL),” said Janeta.

The journey of Janeta and her team to become champions in the competition was so long. Helping each other, participating in training, and applying learning techniques at FTUI, made them succeed in winning this competition.


Public Communication Bureau
Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia