FTUI Architecture Student Designs the Revitalization of the Banyuwangi Fish Market Center

Three students from the Department of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia (FTUI) batch 2018, redesigned the fish market center in the Banyuwangi area. The designs offered by Nadya Fatin Nur Rahma Sultan, Ariq Dhia Athallah, and Gusti Ayu Putu Nadya aim to revitalize traditional markets as local community identities.

“We designed a market design called ‘Selayar Segara Banyuwangi’. In this design that we designed, we have a goal to revive the market atmosphere, maximize local community connectivity, centralize the fish market. In addition, we intend to respond to the fish market segmentation with the lack of a sense of community ownership, Selayar Segara is present as a unifying identity for the community, “said Nadya Fatin Nur Rahma Sultan as the head of the NAANA architect Team.

The NAANA architect team designed a traditional market that is different from ordinary markets. The market building is made special by adapting the locality of the East Java Osing House combined with an open passive strategy. Equipped with corridors, this market can inject interaction points so that market users can connect with each other.

“In the design of the Selasar Segara Banyuwangi market, we designed two zones, namely the dry zone and the wet zone. We plan to design a fishpond, dock, central lobby, pavilion, wet fish area, MSME area, fish processing area, kitchen and restaurant. Later, the restaurant will be built facing the sea and restaurant visitors will be spoiled with beautiful sea views,” said Gusti Ayu Putu Nadya.

The pavilion designed serves to connect traders, fishermen, and visitors. The layout of ‘Selayar Segara Banyuwangi’ is also arranged so that circulation between fishermen, traders and visitors can run smoothly. The ‘Selayar Segara Banyuwangi’ market is also equipped with a roof construction design that is made to adapt to the tropical climate of Banyuwangi with passive cooling and passsive lighting so that the temperature is comfortable.

“Not only adapting to the Banyuwangi climate, later the ‘Selayar Segara Banyuwangi’ building will also use Banyuwangi’s heat as an alternative energy source and rainwater as an alternative water source. Then, the exhaust system will be arranged and reduce pollution to the environment. In addition, this market building will have a carved pattern that will present the local colors of the Javanese people,” said Ariq Dhia Athallah.

Thanks to the market design of ‘Selayar Segara Banyuwangi,’ the NAANA architect team won Second Place in the national design competition, Architecture Carnival 2.0. This Traditional Market Design Competition was organized by UIN Maulana Maliq Ibrahim Malang which was opened to the public (students to professional practitioners) with the theme “Reviving Traditional Market.”


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Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia