Society of Petroleum Engineers Universitas Indonesia Student Chapter Wins One of the World’s Best SPE Award

The Society of Petroleum Engineers Universitas Indonesia Student Chapter (SPE UI SC) won an award as one of the best SPEs in the world. This prestigious award is given annually to 66 SPE Student Chapters or 20% of all SPEs in the world. This award proves that SPE UI SC has succeeded in fulfilling SPE’s mission in terms of involvement in the Oil and Gas industry, organizational planning and implementation, and social outreach, through work programs implemented over the past year.

The award from the international SPE is nothing new for SPE UI. This organization has received six awards in the last three years, SPE UI has received the same award in a row, namely in 2020, 2021, and 2022. SPE UI SC is a student chapter under the auspices of SPE Java, SPE Indonesia, and SPE International.

“We feel happy and proud because of this achievement. This award is the result of the management’s hard work, determination, and dedication who always give the best performance for SPE UI SC. We prove this through innovative work programs and an increase in the number of members every year. We hope that SPE UI SC can defend this title next year. It doesn’t stop there, we hope that SPE UI SC can also get a higher award, namely the outstanding award. The award is given to the best 5% of student chapters in the world. Therefore, we hope that SPE UI SC will always grow beyond great,” said Fikri, Public Relations of SPE UI SC.

SPE UI SC meets five criteria to get the award. The first criteria determined were Technical Dissemination covering technical activities, such as research programs, symposia, and training. Second, professional development includes training activities with professionals, professional relationship networks, and soft skills training. Third, Engaging, Retaining, and Growing Membership include programs to increase membership and maintain relationships with alumni. Fourth, Community Involvement includes serving the surrounding community. Finally, Operations and Planning include planning organizational goals and management performance.


Public Communication Bureau
Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia