FTUI Students Offer Digital-Based Solutions to Overcome Traffic Congestion in Bandung

Three students of the Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia (FTUI) batch 2018, offered solutions to overcome transportation problems in the city of Bandung. Thimotius Sebastian Manurung, Radifan Halif, and Ruthmedy Jemima under the guidance of a lecturer from the Department of Civil Engineering, FTUI, Dr. Ir. Nahry, M.T. trying to answer the problems of transportation in Bandung from congestion, the low number of users of public transportation, and other problems.

The solution they offer is contained in a proposal entitled “Digital-Based City Transportation Transformation and Efforts to Improve Management Efficiency to Increase the Use of Public Transportation in the City of Bandung”. The three students who are members of the AGRA FTUI team proposed a feeder application system named “Sejalan” by utilizing Bandung city angkots.

“Congestion is a problem that continues to haunt the city of Bandung. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out Transportation Needs Management (MKT) which aims to control the use of private vehicles. One solution is to seek to change the mode of private transportation to public transportation. in Bandung is public transportation,” said Dr. Nahry, who is also an expert in the field of logistics transportation at FTUI.

“In this proposal, our team has conducted an analysis of City Transportation (Angkot) in Bandung City to be able to propose recommendations both managerially and digitally transformation to support Angkot as feeders in Bandung City. The proposal that we bring is an “In line” feeder application system. This application is a ride-sharing application that is useful for both angkot passengers and drivers,” said Thimotius Sebastian.

“Broadly speaking, the concept of this application is to record requests for city transportation at every bus stop served. Through this application, passengers will also be given information about the occupancy of the public transportation to be taken as an effort to convince passengers that the vehicle to be ridden has implemented health protocols in keep your distance,” said Radifan Halif.

“Passengers at the same time using the Inline App can enter the pick-up point and the public transportation will come to that point. Through the application, passengers will also find out information about the angkot that will be taken, such as the vehicle number plate and the number of passengers. After the angkot arrives at the pick-up point, passengers will scan the QR code to enter and make non-cash payments,” explained Ruthmedy Jemima.

The Dean of FTUI, Prof. Dr. Heri Hermansyah, ST., M.Eng., IPU. said, “Hopefully this FTUI student innovation can provide alternative solutions in the future for efforts to overcome transportation problems in the city of Bandung. The “In line” application not only provides benefits and certainty for passengers, angkot operators can also monitor more comprehensively and make adjustments to angkot routes based on passenger demand.”

Thanks to the innovation of the “In line” application, the AGRA FTUI team won First Place at the ITB Civil Engineering Expo 2022 (ICEE) 2022 national competition in the Civil Engineering Case Competition branch. The FTUI AGRA team managed to beat 30 other teams from various universities in Indonesia. In the 2022 competition, the theme raised is “Achieving Sustainable Transportation during the COVID-19 Pandemic by Utilizing Digital Transformation.”

ICEE is a national level competition organized by the Civil Student Association (HMS) Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) and this year ICEE will be held on October 4, 2021-January 30, 2022. Civil Engineering Case Competition is a problem-solving competition in the world of civil engineering. This competition is a place for individuals to try to innovate to solve problems, present and convince how effective and efficient solutions are to solve problems.


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