FTUI Students Take Advantage of IoT as All-in-One Solutions to Optimize Event Organizer and Event Management Business Processes

Three students of the Department of Industrial Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia (FTUI) class 2018 developed a technology-based business idea using the Internet of Things (IoT) as an all-in-one solution. Julius Tomris Sidauruk, Karina Sarinastiti Mirza, and Nesia Dwiasta put this business idea into their presentation entitled “EZEO: Implementation of IoT in the form of Cloud Computing as All-in-One Solutions to Optimize the Event Organizer and Event Management Business Process”.

“EZEO (Easy Event Organizer) is the name of the line of business initiated by us. This business idea was inspired by the difficulties experienced by the Event Organizer (EO) and answered the challenges of the market which experienced a shift in preferences in finding the desired event or EO when creating an event in the digital era and during the Covid-19 pandemic. EZEO was initiated to be an IoT-based innovation in the form of a cloud by using applications and websites so that it can make it easier for EOs and consumers to be able to hold an event and participate in the event,” said Julius Tomris Sidauruk.

“We designed EZEO to make it easy for consumers and clients who will hold an event and make it easier for EOs to be able to introduce their business more and monitor public interest in the events that will be held to implement competitive advantages and facilitate the implementation of pre-events and online activities to reduce face-to-face meetings in achievements in reducing the spread of Covid-19,” said Karina Sarinastiti Mirza.

“The IoT-based EZEO application and website that is connected to cloud computing so that it can make it easier for EOs to store all data related to business processes ranging from vendor databases, payment history, and large capacity invoicing which can then be used as a reference for evaluating and forecasting on their business. In addition, EZEO makes it easy for clients to find EOs, vendors, events, and various needs in the continuity of the event, from ticketing, and payment to the desired job applicant, “said Nesia Dwiasta.

From a business perspective, EZEO has several advantages. First, clients do not need to come directly to the event venue to discuss with the EO about the event to be held but can communicate using applications and websites. In addition, consumers and clients can immediately schedule a meeting with the desired EO. This minimizes
opportunities for data loss because all data will go directly into the EZEO cloud, making it easier for business people to process the data and also routine maintenance on the cloud used.

Second, EZEO will also conduct training for EOs regarding the EZEO application before using it to make it easier for EOs to apply it. Third, the designed application is an application that is responsive to market preferences. Markets move quickly and EZEO is designed to be adaptive to market movements.

Met on a separate occasion, the Dean of FTUI, Prof. Dr. Heri Hermansyah, ST., M.Eng., IPU said, “The use and mastery of technology is a necessary thing and business players must immediately seize the opportunity. A qualified database has proven to be able and very helpful for various industries to survive and even dominate the market. Hopefully, the system created by FTUI students can help event organizers and event management activists in the future.”

Thanks to this EZEO innovation, the three greatest FTUI students in the Yellow Slayer team won First Place in the 2021 NAFTEX Business Competition. The Yellow Slayer team managed to beat 200 other teams from various universities in Indonesia. NAFTEX 2021 is a national business competition held by Universitas Brawijaya from June 18 to October 3, 2021. This competition has two competition categories, namely the agricultural and non-agricultural categories. The Yellow Slayer team represented FTUI in the non-agricultural category.

In the final presentation stage, the Yellow Slayer team competed with several other universities, namely Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), Brawijaya University (UB), Telkom University, Telkom Institute of Technology Purwokerto (ITTP). Telkom Purwokerto, Ganesha Education University, Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS), Jember University, and Prasetya Mulya University.


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